Manibolt Driller

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Beydler's Manibolt Driller

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It’s a time-sucking, worst-case scenario even for the best mechanics… stubborn, frozen Manifold Bolts broken off, flush with the cylinder head.
What a nightmare.

There’s no way to grab ’em, so you have to drill ’em out. And for that, Beydler’s Manibolt Driller® is the right tool for the job.
With this precision tool you can repair Broken Manifold Bolts dead center and perfectly straight, every time, even if you can’t see where you’re drilling!
You literally can’t miss with this. We’ve completely eliminated the possibility of costly errors while drilling Broken Manifold Bolts.

Solution: The Beydler Manibolt Drilling Tool.
The next time you’re faced with Broken Manifold Studs like this, don’t shy away from it or farm it out. And don’t waste time Googling around for some sort of band-aid approach to the problem. Just order a Manibolt Driller® kit now and get the job done right. Anything else is hit and miss, at best.
With the Manibolt Driller® system, you have two choices:
Drill a small pilot hole, and then use your favorite bolt extractor tool to remove the Stud from the cylinder. With Beydler’s Manibolt Driller®, it’s a lot easier than you think.
Drill out the entire hole without fear of damaging the head. It’s so precise you can even drill without damaging the existing threads.
Broken Manifold Bolt repairs are never fun to deal with, but Beydler’s Manibolt Driller® is the best possible solution to a worst-case nightmare. Plus, it’s cost-effective.

Now, a new kit part, number TS11209, is available exclusivley through Cad Company for all '68-'85 Cadillac 472, 500, 425, and 368 engines.
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