Core Parts

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Core parts are subject to availability. We are not a junkyard, and only offer these items as we have them available through the normal course of tearing down down engine cores for our complete engine customers.

Exhaust Manifolds

All reconditioned manifolds are cleaned, magnafluxed, shot peened, magnafluxed again, checked for flat gasket surfaces and machined as needed, and have new studs installed as needed. We do not weld up cracked manifolds for sale. Reconditioned manifolds are guaranteed to not be cracked at the time of delivery. New replacement left side manifolds are available ('68-'76 style, bith Eldo and RWD versions). Note that most '68-'72 Eldorados have a unique side-exit passenger's side manifold, but most '73-up Eldorados used the same passenger's side manifold (down-exit) as the other cars. Please check the original manfiold style on your car before ordering. Some passenger's side manifolds have an EFE valve, and some don't.

Oil Pans

All oil pans are vatted, and checked for defects that would cause them to be unusable, such as excessive rust on sealing surfaces, cracks, holes, and severe warpage. These are 30-40 year old sheet metal parts, and are not perfect.
Sometimes we have nice pans. Sometimes we have fairly rough pans for 1/2 price (needing some elbow grease before use, but not requireing welding, etc). Sometimes we have both, and sometimes we have neither
Note: '77-up oil pans may require clearancing to clear the stroke of a 500.


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