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Engine Builder's Kits

Please have your ring and bearing sizes ready when ordering.
Note: All 472 / 500 / 425 / 368 kits include neoprene 2-peice rear main seals.
We neither sell nor recommend rope rear seals for Cadillac engines originally designed for neoprene.

Premium Engine Builder's Overhaul Kit for 472 and 500 engines - of course, with all of the best parts.
These kits include: Molly rings, rod and main bearings, Cad Company CC3 grooved cam bearings, full gasket set, block hardware kit (see component list below), Gold series oil pump (standard or special chassis - see oil pump page), and our basic assembly guide.
Premium Overhaul Kit This package is a bargain at only $715 for 472 / 500 engines.

Add $55 for CleviteTM 'H' series rod bearings.

Budget Overhaul Kit for 472 and 500 engines - no junk, but for the budget conscious.
These kits include: Cast rings, cam bearings, full gasket set, standard (steel) freeze plug kit, standard replacement oil pump (OE style or or Special Chassis - see oil pump page).

For either overhaul kit, add $35 for 425 and $65 for 368 engines.

Budget Engine Builder's Master Kit for 472 and 500 Cadillac engines. These kits include: Same as above plus: OE style timing set with steel gears, OE spec cam shaft, lifters, and pistons.
$1095 Please specify engine size, year or head number, and desired compression ratio when ordering.

Add $75 for 425 and $375(forged pistons only) for 368 engines.

Rings and Bearings

Cast replacement rings (472/500/425) at Std, .020, .030, .040 - .120” $90
Moly rings: Std - .060” $185
Rod Bearings std, .010", .020", .030", and .040" $85
Main Bearings std, .010", and .020" $145 .030" and .040" $165
Cam bearings, stock replacement style $50
Cam Bearings, CC3 grooved / dual hole style $95
Assembly Lube: Clevite™ Bearing Guard $13.50 8 oz. bottle.

Click here for detailed bearing info, including info on our CC3 cam bearings, diagnostic help for bearing failures, etc.


Dipstick Tube Stainless steel with chrome dipstick $45
Dipstick Tube Polished stainless steel with chrome dipstick $75
OE Replacement Dipstick Tube $100
Cad Company Block Hardware Kit $40
Includes freeze plugs (brass), cam plug, all 7 galley plugs, 4 brass disc type head freeze plugs, 2 smog rail plugs, and block/ head dowel pins.
Freeze Plug Kit (Standard) Steel $7 Brass $26
Rear cam plug, 6 block exp. plugs, 2 oil galley plugs, 2 threaded oil galley plugs
Rear Cam Plug Steel $0.95 ea Brass $5.00 ea 1 per engine
Block Expansion Plugs Steel $0.75 ea Brass $3.50 ea 6 per engine
Block Coolant Sensor Holes, Threaded Plug $9.50 ea 0-2 per engine
Oil Galley Press In Plugs $0.40 ea 4 per engine
Oil Galley Threaded Plugs $0.30 ea 3 per engine
Head Coolant Plug, Disc Style Steel $0.90 Brass $2.50 4-6 per engine
Head Coolant Plug, Cup Style Steel $1.25 Brass $2.25 0-2 per engine
90º Press In Water Outlet *Obsolete* 1 per engine, 425 only, this part is no longer avilable new
Head Coolant Plug, Threaded $9.50 0-2 per engine

Note: Stock heads will have 3 plugs per head.
2 per head will be the disc type (the hole will have a step so the plug can only go in so far).
The third will be one of the following:
- Disc style plug like the other 2 (mostly ‘68-’69 engines).
- The press in cup style (like a standard freeze plug) (some ‘68-’69 engines and 425 / 368 heads).
    The 425 and most 368 heads will have one plug and one press in 90º heater outlet (no longer available) from the factory.
- Threaded head plugs (pipe thread) - usually one plug and one straight heater outlet (most '70-'76 engines)

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