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Motor Mounts and Kits

Cadillac Side Motor Mounts SM11111 Heavy duty steel caged style $17.50 ea
Fits '68-'74 RWD, '73-'74 and '77-'78 Eldo, with offset stud.

Cadillac Side Motor Mounts SM11112 Heavy duty steel caged style $30 ea
Fits '75-'76 RWD and Eldo with centered stud.

Cadillac Side Motor Mounts SM11115 $25 ea
Fits all '77-'79 RWD woth 425 CID / 7.0L engine and some '80-'85 RWD w/ 368 CID / 6.0L engine.
Rubber mount only. The steel bracket between the rubber mount and engine block is not included (junkyard only).

Early Eldorado Center Mount SM11124 $525
Fits '68-'72 Eldo only. May fit '67 Eldo with '68-up engine swap
Rubber mount only. The steel bracket between the rubber mount and engine block is not included (junkyard only).
Price includes a core charge of $245. Full core credit will be given if the steel components in your core are undamaged.

Universal Motor Mount Kit SM51160 for most swaps $105
Intended for chassis with standard style V8 side mounts, such as 70s Chevy clamshell style.
Includes mounts, adapters, bolts, and instructions.
Can be installed with no welding.

G-Body Motor Mount Kit SM51170 True bolt-in adapters $295
Fits '78-'87 G-Body (Monte Carlo, Malibu, El Camino, Regal, Cutlass, Grand Prix, etc).
Bolts in using existing V8 mount holes, locates engine to clear stock AC, etc.
Uses stock Caddy mechanical fan with stock G-Body V8 radiator and fan shroud.
Does not clear stock column shifters - floor shift or adjustable column shift kit required.

Weld-In Motor Mount Kit SM51160 for most swaps $295
This mount kit works in most swap situations regardless of original mount style
Includes struts, rubber bushings, mounting tabs, bolts, and instructions. Cannot be installed without welding.
This setup uses tabs welded to the frame, and a strut botled to the engine, with a rubber bushing at the bottom of the strut.
The mounting bolt goes through 1 tab, through the bushing at the bottom of the strut, through the other tab (front-to-rear), and is secured with a nut.
The rubber bushing can be replaced with poly or aluminum if desired.

Other Useful Items

Rear Sump Aluminum Oil Pan OS13122 Finned Aluminum Casting $475
All non-Eldo 68-up Cadillacs came with either a front sump or mid-sump oil pan.
A true rear sump pan is generally required for most non-Ford swaps, including all of our bolt-in kits.
GMC motorhomes and Eldorados require an original Eldo oil pan - aftermarket pans will not fit.
'65-'67 Cadillas require a front sump oil pan, as found on '68-'76 non-Eldo Cadillacs.

Rear Sump Oil Pickup Tube OS21121 OE Spec, Imported $115
Not recommended for use over 5000 RPM
Rear Sump Oil Pickup Tube OS23121 High Performance, Made in USA $145

Special Chassis Gold Oil Pump OS31122 $190
Low profile pump, points filter more foreward and less down.
Adds needed cross member clearance in most swaps.
Required for all of our bolt-in mount kits, '67-older Cadillac swaps, and most other 60s and newer GM swaps.

Low Profile Flex Fan Kit CS81101 / CS81102 $190
Black anodized billet aluminum spacer, stainless steel fan blades, and powder coated spider (center support section of fan).
Order CS81101 for blue spider and CS81102 for red spider. For ‘65-’67 Cadillac and other swaps.
This is the lowest-profile mechanical fan setup available to clear stock V-belt locations. Does not clear serpentine setups.
Used in ‘67-older Cadillac swaps, and other applications where space is limited.

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