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Parts for '49-'67 331, 365, 390, 429 engines

390" (‘59-’63) & 429" (‘64-’67)
Complete Overhaul Kit @ $1265

Includes gaskets, bearings, rings, seals, pistons, pins, rings, timing set, oil pump kit. Pretty much everything you need to renew your motor to go another forty years !

Replacement Shaft Rocker Sets

Supplied with refurbished rocker arms, spacers, shafts @ $349 Adjustable Isky rockers also available.

Shaft Rocker Assemblies for ‘67 Similar to Stage II but for 429" @ $499*

365" (‘56-’58) & 331" (‘49-’55)
Complete Overhaul Kit*

Includes gaskets, rings, bearings, seals, pistons, pins, timing set, oil pump kit.

* Call for prices & availability

Camshafts and Lifters
Available for most years

Performance Grinds
Special Order

as available

Head Gaskets
Timing Cover Gasket Set
Oil pan Gasket Set
Valve Cover Gaskets
Intake Manifold Gasket
Complete sets

Engine Parts

Replacement pistons
Rod and Main Bearings
Cam Bearings
Valves, Springs, Pushrods
Oil Pump Kits, Lifters, Rocker Arms

Flexplates/ Flywheels

NEW Billet Steel Flex Plates For 429 w/ TH400, TH350, 700R4, etc.. (OE or adapted) @ $299

Tranny adapters for 429 engines to mount Chevy trans @ $149

Or for mating a Cad 472/500 to a ’64-’67 OE TH400 @$149

Adapter kits for earlier engines also available from $799

Specify application when ordering.

Shiny Stuff:

New cast aluminum finned valve covers and valley covers are still available. Call for pricing and availability.


*Requires 8 center head bolts from ‘64-’66 429

Cad Company
The originators of performance parts for the Cad 472"/500"/425" !