Air and Fuel Delivery

    Air Cleaners

    Blower Kit


     Fuel Lines

     Fuel Pumps

     Intake Manifolds



     Camshaft Kit

Cooling System

     Cooling System Plugs

     Other Cooling System Components

     Water Pumps

Core Parts

     Exhaust Manifolds


     Oil Pans

Cylinder Heads

     Boogie Man Aluminum Heads

     Cylinder Head Core Charges

     Premium Re-manufactured Stock Heads

     Stock Replacement Aluminum Heads

     Super/Street Steel Heads


     External Parts Fasteners

     Flywheel Related Fasteners

     Long Block Fasteners


     Engine Gasket Sets

     Head Gaskets

     Lower Engine Gaskets


     Upper Engine Gaskets

     Valve Stem Seals



     Header Flanges


     Installation Hardware Gaskets and Tools

     New Replacement Exhaust Manifolds





     Head Bolts

     Head Cores

     Head Studs

Ignition Systems


     Electronic Conversion Kits for Points Distributors

     Ignition Coils

     Ignition Control Boxes and Accessories

     Spark Plug Wires and Looms


     Books and Literature


     Special Tools

Oil System


     Oil Pans

     Oil Pickup Tubes

     Oil Pumps

Overhaul Parts

     Engine Builders Kits


     Rings and Bearings

Parts and Adapters


Pulleys, Brackets and Accessories

     AC Components

     Crank and Water Pump Pulleys

     Other Pulleys and Related Parts

     Serpentine Drive Kits

Rocker Systems

     Full Shaft Rocker Assemblies

     OEM Style (T-Pedestal) Rocker Components


Rotating Parts

     Cad Company Designed Forged Pistons

     Connecting Rods

     Crank Hubs, Bolts, and Repair Sleeves


     Replacement and Street Performance Pistons

     Rod/ Piston Combos

Swap Components

     Motor Mounts and Kits

     Other Useful Items


     Flex Plates and Flywheels


     Transmission Adapters

     Transmission Pans

Valve Covers

     Bits and Pieces

     Cast Aluminum Valve Covers

     Chrome Valve Covers

     Early Cadillac Valve Covers


     Stainless Steel Timing Covers


     Valve Sets

     Valve Spring Kits

     Valve Stem Seals