CAD 500 TECH VIDEOS for ’68-’85 472/500/425/368 Cadillac Engines

Basic Q – Jet Adjustments part 1 – Basic Troubleshooting: Flooding symptoms
This video will walk you through the basic set-up and base tuning of a Q-jet. It’s helpful to go through this setup whenever you are first installing a carb (new or used) on an engine or have just made major changes to the engine.

Basic Q -Jet Tutorial part 2 – Basic Troubleshooting: Flooding symptoms
This video will walk you through checking for the common causes of flooding symptoms, without disassembling the carburetor. Checking for a stuck / sunk float, clearing debris from the needle and seating and checking for a stuck power valve.

Dyno tour & Crate Engine Break In
This video gives you a look into our dyno facility, and what we do with crate engines before shipping.

Timing Chain Installation
Timing chain installation with multiple key-way or single key-way timing sets. Also, a good show-and-tell on the issue with cam gear bolt length.

CadCo premium girdle.
Installation of Cad Company’s premium main girdle assembly for high powered Cadillac 472 / 500 engines.

Cadillac Dip Stick Tube Install
Installation of Cad Company’s stainless steel dipstick tube for Cadillac 472 / 500 / 425 / 368 engines. This information is also a good guide for installing other new or used dipsticks in these engines, as well as the ’50-’67 331 / 365 / 390 / 429 Cadillac engines with the dipstick tube going through the block. The written instructions show other useful information, as well as removal instructions.

Cadillac Shaft Rocker Setup
We will walk-through how to setup shaft rockers on your Cadillac.

Cadillac Oil Passages and Potential Problems
This is a run through of common issues with Cadillac oil passages.