Complete Cadillac 472/500/425 Engines

Complete Engines

We’ve watched in amazement as our complete engine business has continued to increase over the years. When we try to come up with a specific reason, we can’t credit any one particular thing. But, here are a few of the contributing factors:

1) Many of our customers have decided to go with a big Cad, but can’t find a good running 500-incher in their local area. They pick up the phone, talk to us, and Wham! . . . Now all they have to do is sit back and wait, and the engine of their dreams is delivered to them by Yellow Freight.

2) A lot of guys have built Chevies, Fords or Chryslers over the years, but have no clue how to go about performance building a big Cadillac. They look at the options of buying parts packages from us, and building it themselves, or subbing out the assembly to a local machine shop. But, because, the machine shop has never built a hotrod Caddy either, that’s a lot of money to gamble in hopes that nobody makes a mistake in machining or assembly. After a call to Courtney Hines here at Flashcraft, who has 35 years of Cadillac engine building experience, some guys opt to just order up a motor, and do it the “easy way”.

3) Time . . . So many of our complete engine customers have the money to buy all the parts to build a Lux motor. They even have the expertise to sub out the proper machine work, and assemble a powerful Cadillac themselves. But, after looking at the big picture, they decide they flat don’t have the time to ramrod the whole project from dragging home a junk yard core to final assembly and fire-up. It’s just so much easier to call us up, lay out their Use, Performance, Goals, and Budget to us, and there it is . . . handled!

4) Possibly the #1 reason we build so many complete engines is the price. You have the Cad Company catalog. You lay out all the best parts to build an engine right (see catagories) , figure the cost of a core engine, the cost of machine work, and possibly the cost to pay someone to assemble your motor for you. After talking to Courtney Hines at Flashcraft, you find out you can get everything you want in a motor for about the same price, if not less. Wouldn’t you like to save a little money, a lot of chasing junk yards and ferrying parts around town, and feel good that it’s done right?

Turn-Key engines from Cad Company start at $8200 for your basic build (basically stock with an RV cam, but still featuring all of our best tricks), and run on up into the stratosphere for a serious PRO/Street killer or full boogie race engine. We have literally hundreds of dyno-proven combinations to reference, from barely over stock to the fastest of the fastest. Rather than have choices like Engine A, Engine B, or Engine C, we let you fill in the Parametric Box, and then get you exactly where you want to go. Most of our engines are custom-built, but most have many things in common like forged steel rods, Cad Company exclusive shaft rocker systems, meticulous blueprinting and assembly, break in, and dyno tuning by Courtney Hines, owner of Flashcraft and Cad Company here in Albuquerque. We do generally try to keep a few of our most popular combinations ‘one the shelf’ ready to ship, so you don’t necessarily have to wait for an engine to be built to order. All of our normally aspirated pump gas engines come with our top-notch warranty, which is one of the best in the industry, with no time or mileage limits, or other fine print to void the warranty.

Serious Cadders can call, e-mail, or FAX us for an engine quote, and we’ll be glad to lay out a killer Cad to suit your needs. Whether it’s a motor home, an airboat, a Coupe deVille, crew-cab dually, or ’70 Chevelle, Cad Company can fill the bill. We can help!