Custom Built Cadillac Engines

Cad Company can build you an engine to fit almost any application. From daily drivers to big bore strokers; from motor homes to PRO/Street… We can get you where you want to go. They’re shipped turn-key, run in and base-tuned on the dyno. Because not everyone has the same needs, turn key engine customers should call or e-mail for a custom quote.

Our street engine lineup is value oriented, with combinations that provide an excellent HP per dollar ratio, with good street manners and long term reliability in mind. We offer a warranty on most street engines. For those who want more power, but are not concerned with street manners, we also have a full line of power-only combinations, such as budget bracket style and full race engines, available as well. We have far too many dyno-developed, street and track proven combinations to list here, and one-size-fits-all engine building just doesn’t work. We do a lot of R&D to help prevent you from making the sacrifices that most engine builders will tell you are just part of hot-rodding. Normally aspirated power combinations, using ported stock heads, tend to range from about 380 HP to about 900 HP – depending on drivability, budget, and packaging constraints, of course. Aftermarket heads, strokers, and power adders are not always the best way to get where you are going, but if you want to make serious power, one or both may be required.

Turn Key Engines

All of our engines are priced as turn key, but are also available as ‘crate’ engines, and parts packages. All combinations listed, except those with 8.25:1 compression, use aftermarket forged rods and performance oriented pistons. All premium combinations include shaft rockers, roller chains, Moly rings, premium bearings and gaskets, etc. In most cases, power listed is with Cad Company small tube headers. Turn key engines come complete from carb to pan, including fuel pump, regulator (as needed), fuel line plumbed from pump to carb, complete ignition system (including plugs, wires, coil, and MSD box as needed), new stainless timing cover, water pump, OE oil pan (configuration as needed), chrome valve covers, etc. Prices do not include installation specific items such as mounts, flex plate/ flywheel, starter, air cleaner, or exhaust. They also do not include pulleys, brackets or accessories. Additional items can be added as needed.


Budget Combos

Most combinations can also be ordered in a budget version, with things like cast rings instead of Moly, steel freeze plugs instead of brass, non-roller timing set, etc. Depending on the combination, the budget combo can be substantially less expensive than the premium version. Eliminating the warranty and dyno time can also substantially reduce the cost, but is not recommended. Our most popular street and bracket combos are in the $8k to $10k range, for the turn-key premium versions, and most of these are in the 400 – 600 HP range.

Airboat Engines

We offer a full line of airboat engines, with combinations suited to everything from direct drive casual fishing rigs, to all-out reduction-drive performance machines.

Competition Engines

We offer a full line of competition spec engines, as well. From bracket and Street Stock level combos, to full-on blown alcohol, and everything in between. Some of our more popular carbureted combos include a basic pump gas bracket combo putting out 560 reliable HP, and engines approaching 750 HP on alcohol (but still not a stroker, and still carbureted, using a specially built circle  alcohol carb). We also offer electronic and mechanically injected, blown, turbo, and nitrous combos, to suit your needs.

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