Using the Cad Company catalog, you’ll be able to put together a Parametric Box to help you and us both save time (and money, too). When you call for parts, be ready to fill in the Parameters of Use, Performance, Goals & Budget. You’ll describe the intended use as, say, Performance Cruiser or Street/Strip.


By using these parameters, we don’t waste time taking about parts or complete engines that don’t suit your application. (Or are way over your targeted budget!). . . . Because our telephone time is at a premium, it is absolutely necessary that you have some idea of what you want to do when calling to order parts.

What is the intended use of the vehicle
to be powered by the Cadillac?


Daily Driver
Street Rod
Drag Race
Oval Track
Show Car
Truck Towing
Offroad 4X4
Tractor Pull


What kind of power do you want to have for the money spent, phrased in terms of Horsepower or Torque, conditional upon running premium unleaded fuel (or alcohol or propane, etc.) ? Anything from 300 hp to several thousand HP is possible, depending on the application and budget. 600 hp on unleaded gas no longer takes a “big” motor !

What are your goals for the project?

Max HP
Fuel Mileage
HP per Dollar
1/4 Mile E.T.
Max Torque
Be Different
Win Races

Nail your brother-in-law to the seat back !

What is your intended budget?

What have you got targeted to spend to achieve your goals, get the performance desired and to be able to use the big Cadillac motor the way you want to? How much are you willing to put into the motor?

In Other Words: Speed costs money –
how fast can you afford to go?