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The originators of performance parts for the Cad 472″/500″/425″!
Celebrating 20 Years as CAD Company

Courtney HinesHello,

Thanks for showing interest in the 8.2 Litre Cadillac engine family. My name is Courtney Hines, president of Flashcraft, Incorporated, here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here’s a brief rundown on the collective experience the Cad Company performance engine parts has to draw from. I’ve been around these big Cad’s quite a while. I worked at a local Cadillac dealer years ago from 1972 until 1979. One day, a friend and fellow wrench, and I (after many “what if?” discussions), decided to make a street sleeper out of a ’70 Coupe DeVille. When I woke up and realized the strip was a lot safer, I started campaigning it in brackets and Super/Street. In ’77 at the NHRA Bracket Finals, I put it solidly in the 11’s at 4500 lbs., at Bill Heilscher’s Green Valley Race City in Texas. Now it runs in the 10’s at will at mile high altitude, and has since ’83. Hence, the name Flash Cadillac. Those of you with trucks will be happy to know that most of the tow vehicles for our race cars have also been Cad-powered through the years.

It’s been my privilege to work on all kinds of classic and antique Cadillacs, including a private collection of almost 200 Cadillac cars! This has given me hands-on experience with old Cads, going way back into the ’30’s and the mighty V-16 motors . . . Well . . . You get the picture. It’s not just Cad 500’s that Cad Company knows.

From 1980 ’till present I have owned one of the largest independent repair facilities in Albuquerque, which gives me access to a whole lot of equipment and personnel (many ASE Master Techs, including myself), which is great for R&D. Cad Company was originally known to everyone as “Cadillac Motorsports Development” (CMD) , which was founded in 1984, and purchased by Flashcraft, Inc, in 2001. The previous owner’s experiences and technical data were graciously passed on to us (along with the Cad Company performance parts line). Their 16 years, and my 46 years cover a lot of Cadillac ground.

Since the acquisition of Cad Company in 2001, we have added greatly to our operation. For testing purposes, we have two race cars, multiple Caddy powered test vehicles from mostly stock Cadies and Big towing vehicles to full-on street / strip cars and trucks. In the mean time, we have also set up an in-house, state of the art, Land-and-Sea 2000 HP dual head water brake engine dyno with 56 data channels and 1200 RWHP Eddy Current chassis dyno with 28 data channels facility, to further improve our power program, and added a full machine shop to better control the quality of machine work in engine builds.

Looking forward to helping you with all your Caddy needs!