CAD Wear – Oldies but Goodies – ’49-’67 331, 365, 390, 429 CID Parts


Cap With Logo Khaki
Cap With Logo Red
Cap With Logo Black
3-D Embroidered Cad Company logo on front, web address on back.
Low profile, velcro closure, one size fits most.

Books and Literature

Chilton Manual ‘67-’89 Cad. Big book w/ wiring & vacuum diagrams

Special Tools

Exhuast Manifold Bolt Tool Kit TS11209 for removing broken exhaust manifold bolts
Manibolt Driller tool / fixture kit, makes removing broken bolts a ‘snap’.
For more info and online ordering, visit the product page here

Oil Primer Tool with triangular end to prevent drill slippage

Blue Dykem Layout Fluid 4 oz bottle, brush on

Moroso Power/Speed Slide Rule Calculator
For calculating power/ weight/ ET/ MPH (1/4 mile) and gear/ tire/ RPM/ MPH.

Oil Filter Cutoff Tool Professional Grade
For inspecting the contents of your old oil filter to catch minor internal engine problems before they become big ones. Why fool around with dime-store cutters that are as likely to cut you as the filter?

TDC Piston Stop Bolts to head bolt holes
Note: For use during engine assembly. Will not work on assembled engines.

TDC Piston Stop Screws into spark plug hole
With soft brass nub to protect the piston.
Note: For use on assembled engines.
Useful for checking timing mark alignment, degreeing your cam, etc, without removing the cylinder heads.

Valve Spring Compressor Top-side style
Note: for use on assembled engines.
The right tool for changing springs during a cam swap.
Can be used in the car in most applications.
Air hose required (below), or you can use the removable hose from your compression tester in most cases.

Spark Plug Hole Air Hose
Screws into spark plug hole.
Hooks to compressed air line to hold valves in place while changing springs on an assembled engine.

Parts for ’49-’67 331, 365, 390, 429 engines

390″ (‘59-’63) & 429″ (‘64-’67)
Complete Overhaul Kit 

Includes gaskets, bearings, rings, seals, pistons, pins, rings, timing set, oil pump kit. Pretty much everything you need to renew your motor to go another forty years !

Replacement Shaft Rocker Sets

Supplied with refurbished rocker arms, spacers, shafts  Adjustable Isky rockers also available.

Shaft Rocker Assemblies for ‘67 Similar to Stage II but for 429″ 

365″ (‘56-’58) & 331″ (‘49-’55)
Complete Overhaul Kit*

Includes gaskets, rings, bearings, seals, pistons, pins, timing set, oil pump kit.

* Call for prices & availability

Camshafts and Lifters
Available for most years

Performance Grinds
Special Order

as available

Head Gaskets
Timing Cover Gasket Set
Oil pan Gasket Set
Valve Cover Gaskets
Intake Manifold Gasket
Complete sets

Engine Parts

Replacement pistons
Rod and Main Bearings
Cam Bearings
Valves, Springs, Pushrods
Oil Pump Kits, Lifters, Rocker Arms

Flexplates / Flywheels

NEW Billet Steel Flex Plates For 429 w/ TH400, TH350, 700R4, etc.. (OE or adapted) 

Tranny adapters for 429 engines to mount Chevy trans 

Or for mating a Cad 472/500 to a ’64-’67 OE TH400 

Adapter kits for earlier engines also available 

Specify application when ordering.

Shiny Stuff:

New cast aluminum finned valve covers and valley covers are still available. Call for pricing and availability.


*Requires 8 center head bolts from ‘64-’66 429