Gaskets and Gasket Sets

Upper Engine Gaskets

Steel (OE Style) Valley Pan Intake Gasket
Composite Intake GasketsCad Company Composite Intake Gaskets
For use with heads with standard intake port configuration. Blocks exhaust crossover through intake (can be trimmed to allow crossover flow if needed). High quality composite gasket material. Safe for aluminum heads and intakes, won’t burn through at crossover or come apart when wet. Made in USA
Cad Company Oversized Composite Intake Gaskets
Trim to fit, for raised ports. Made in USA
Cad Company BoogieMan™ Composite Intake Gaskets
For use with wide-port BoogieMan™ heads. Made in USA
Carb Gasket ’67-’70 Q-jet w/ exhaust at carb base
Carb Gasket ’70-’84 Q-jet w/o exhaust at carb base
Carb Gasket Pad ’70-’84 Q-jet w/o exhaust at carb base
Thick gasket/ pad seals slightly warped carb bases better.
EGR Valve Gasket ’70-’85 OE intakes
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
SCE Copper Exhaust GasketsCad Company Composite Header Gaskets
Profiled to match heads. Made in USA
Cad Company BoogieMan™ Composite Header Gaskets
For use with D-port BoogieMan™ heads with 3 bolts per port. Made in USA
SCE™ Copper Header Gaskets 8 individual port gaskets. Made in USA
Graphite Header Gaskets 1 pr, Made in USA
Composite Collector Gaskets – 3″ Fits most available headers.
SCE™ Copper Collector Gaskets 3” Fits most available headers. Made in USA
SCE™ Copper Collector Gaskets 2.5”
SCE™ Copper Collector Gaskets 3.5”
Graphite Collector Gaskets – 3” Fits most available headers. Made in USA
StaTite™ Thermostat Gasket  Adhesive backed for easy installation.
Thermostat Gasket – OE Style
Valve Cover Gasket OE style cork
Valve Cover Gasket OE thickness neoprene (rubber)
Cad Company 2X Valve Cover Gaskets Double thick, nylon impregnated cork.
A better seal for problem covers. Made in USA


Valve Stem Seals

Valve Stem Seals

OE Style Valve Stem Seals $10 Spring retainers with integral oil shield. For OE springs only.
Viton Umbrella Valve Stem Seals $20
Ultra High Temp, no machine work required.
Silicone Poly Lock Valve Stem Seals $24
High temp, requires machined guides.
Teflon Poly Lock Valve Stem Seals $36
Ultra High temp, requires machined guides.

Head Gaskets

Fel-Pro™ (Blue) OE Replacement Head Gaskets $30 each Recommended for most street engines up to .060” over.
Cad Company™ Performance (White) Head Gaskets $39 each
Recommended for street and bracket engines up to .080” over. In Stock Now.
Cad Company™ ProCad (Black) High Performance / Big-Bore Head Gaskets $195/pr
Recommended for most normally aspirated and low boost performance / race engines up to .145” over (4.445″ bore).
These are a heavy duty gasket with a heavier metal core than other composite head gaskets,
with a special coating for improved sealing. No retourqing necessary. Made in USA.
This gasket is the upgraded replacement for the old Cad Company™ SS head gaskets.

Standard SCE Copper Head GasketsSCE™ Standard Copper Head Gaskets $195/pr
Available in .040″ or .020″ thick. Made in USA

SCE Titan Copper Head GasketsSCE™ Titan Copper Head Gaskets .043” $265/pr For 472/500 engines.
With seals around water passages, integrated O-ring (no grooves required).
4.380, 4.440, or 4.520 bore sizes available. Made in USA


Lower Engine Gaskets

Timing Cover Gasket Set $35
Timing cover, water pump, fuel pump, and oil pump gaskets, and front crank seal.
Oil Pump Gasket $5
Fuel Pump Gasket $3
Oil Pan Gasket Set $30
Neoprene 2 peice Rear Main Seal $30


GM Brush On Gasket Sealer $25 Recommended for use around ports of OE intake valley pan.
Also good for holding problem gaskets (such as the timing cover) in place during assembly.
16 oz can with applicator brush in lid.

Right Stuff™ Gasket Maker $40 Tougher than RTV, not as easily removed.
Price includes 2 – 5 oz canisters and applicator gun.