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Please have your ring and bearing sizes ready when ordering.
Note: All 472 / 500 / 425 / 368 kits include neoprene 2-piece rear main seals.
We neither sell nor recommend rope rear seals for Cadillac engines originally designed for neoprene.

Premium Engine Builder’s Overhaul Kit for 472 and 500 engines – of course, with all of the best parts.
These kits include: Molly rings, rod and main bearings, Cad Company CC3 grooved cam bearings, full gasket set, block hardware kit (see component list below), Gold series oil pump (standard or special chassis – see oil pump page), and our basic assembly guide.

Add CleviteTM ‘H’ series rod bearings.

Budget Overhaul Kit for 472 and 500 engines – no junk, but for the budget conscious.
These kits include: Cast rings, cam bearings, full gasket set, standard (steel) freeze plug kit, standard replacement oil pump (OE style or or Special Chassis – see oil pump page).

For either overhaul kit, additional for 425 and 368 engines.

Budget Engine Builder’s Master Kit for 472 and 500 Cadillac engines. These kits include: Same as above plus: OE style timing set with steel gears, OE spec cam shaft, lifters, and pistons.
Please specify engine size, year or head number, and desired compression ratio when ordering.

Additional for 425 and (forged pistons only) for 368 engines.

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Rings and Bearings

Cast replacement rings (472/500/425) at Std, .020, .030, .040 – .120” $90
Moly rings: Std – .060” $185
Rod Bearings std, .010″, .020″, .030″, and .040″ $85
Main Bearings std, .010″, and .020″ $145 .030″ and .040″ $165
Cam bearings, stock replacement style $50
Cam Bearings, CC3 grooved / dual hole style $95
Assembly Lube: Clevite™ Bearing Guard $13.50 8 oz. bottle.

Click here for detailed bearing info, including info on our CC3 cam bearings, diagnostic help for bearing failures, etc.

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Dipstick Tube Stainless steel with chrome dipstick $45
Dipstick Tube Polished stainless steel with chrome dipstick $75
OE Replacement Dipstick Tube $100
Cad Company Block Hardware Kit $40
Includes freeze plugs (brass), cam plug, all 7 galley plugs, 4 brass disc type head freeze plugs, 2 smog rail plugs, and block/ head dowel pins.
Freeze Plug Kit (Standard) Steel $7 Brass $26
Rear cam plug, 6 block exp. plugs, 2 oil galley plugs, 2 threaded oil galley plugs
Rear Cam Plug Steel $0.95 ea Brass $5.00 ea 1 per engine
Block Expansion Plugs Steel $0.75 ea Brass $3.50 ea 6 per engine
Block Coolant Sensor Holes, Threaded Plug $9.50 ea 0-2 per engine
Oil Galley Press In Plugs $0.40 ea 4 per engine
Oil Galley Threaded Plugs $0.30 ea 3 per engine
Head Coolant Plug, Disc Style Steel $0.90 Brass $2.50 4-6 per engine
Head Coolant Plug, Cup Style Steel $1.25 Brass $2.25 0-2 per engine
90º Press In Water Outlet Obsolete 1 per engine, 425 only, this part is no longer avilable new
Head Coolant Plug, Threaded $9.50 0-2 per engine

Note: Stock heads will have 3 plugs per head.
2 per head will be the disc type (the hole will have a step so the plug can only go in so far).
The third will be one of the following:
– Disc style plug like the other 2 (mostly ‘68-’69 engines).
– The press in cup style (like a standard freeze plug) (some ‘68-’69 engines and 425 / 368 heads).
The 425 and most 368 heads will have one plug and one press in 90º heater outlet (no longer available) from the factory.
– Threaded head plugs (pipe thread) – usually one plug and one straight heater outlet (most ’70-’76 engines)

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