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Cad Company does not sell stroked stock cranks by themselves – we only sell them as complete rotating assemblies. We do sell reconditioned and machined stock cranks, ready to install and aftermarket billet cranks (the same ones in our billet crank stroker kits, as well as made-to order).

Cad Company’s stroker kits utilizing stroked stock cranks incorporate all that we have learned over 40+ years of building performance Cadillac engines, and our current recipe has been torture tested to nearly 2k HP. Most home-brew stroker cranks fail sooner or later (usually sooner) on engines making any real power – it’s not as simple to build a reliable stroker crank as some would have you believe, but we have worked out the details to offer you a reasonably priced rotating assembly, without having to go through the trial and error method of figuring out what fails and what doesn’t.

We offer 2 crank hub options. In most cases you will want the ‘standard’ hub. The offset hub was primarily for pulley alignment with an obsolete (no longer available) aftermarket dampener. Most ’73-older (3-groove) factory pulleys are back-cut to provide clearance for the factory vibration dampener. Some ’73-older and most ’74-newer (2-groove) factory pulleys, as well as all aftermarket pulleys, are not. All factory hubs have the same spacing, and that’s what  the ‘standard’ dampener matches. If you want to use the factory dampener with a late or aftermarket pulley, the offset hub is your best bet, but it will generally require manually shimming the pulley for proper belt alignment (with a stock or standard replacement hub, you would have to machine the clearance into the back of the pulley, IF the pulley you are using has room to do so). You cannot simply use the offset hub and pull the hub outward for belt alignment, as the hub must be pressed on as far as it will go – there are a variety of likely failures if the hub is not pressed on all the way, it’s just a matter of what fails first.

The only vibration dampener currently available is sold as a complete unit, with it’s own unique hub (pre-assembled together). The mounting face provides the same pulley alignment as the factory and ‘standard’ replacement hubs.