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AF80113 BoogieMan™ Head Stud Kit


Head Stud Kit for BoogieMan™ heads

GS31112 Cad Company BoogieMan™ Composite Header Gaskets


Cad Company BoogieMan™ Composite Header Gaskets

AF85400 BoogieMan™ Aluminum Heads


The world famous “BoogieMan” cylinder heads are in stock and ready to ship. This is the next step in the “Boogie-Man” line. Using an American made casting, CNC machining, and a top-of-the-line seat and guide machine, we have the absolute best cylinder head for a high performance 472 or 500 Cadillac, on the market today. They have 70cc combustion chamber chambers (adds about 1/2 a point of CR over 76cc iron heads), and include 2.25″ / 1.8″ valves (the same high-grade stainless steel and production methods used for our iron head valves). These heads have been used on numerous applications from daily drivers to full race applications, and they weigh in at 32 Lbs. (vs. the stock iron head’s average weight of 62 Lbs.) per head.

VT71640 Stage VI-O (1.7:1) BoogieMan™ Adjustable Roller Tip Shaft Rocker Assembly w/ Roller Trunion Bearings


Offset for use with BoogieMan Heads

Stage VI-O (1.7:1) Adjustable Roller Tip Shaft Rocker Assembly w/ Roller Trunion Bearings

AF71475 BoogieMan™ Single Plane Intake


This is the king of the hill when it comes to single carb intakes.

GS21122 BoogieMan™ Composite Intake Gaskets


BoogieMan™ Composite Intake Gaskets

Recommended for use with wide-port BoogieMan™ heads and / or intakes.

Won’t come apart when wet.

High quality composite gasket material. Safe for aluminum heads and intakes.

Color may vary.

For iron heads or non-BoogieMan aluminum heads, order GS21112

Made in USA


AF71480 BoogieMan™ Tunnel Ram


The hot ticket for running multiple carbs and high RPM.

AF80114 BoogieMan™ Head Stud Conversion Kit


Head Stud Conversion Kit for BoogieMan™ heads

Pictures Coming Soon

EX67132 3/8″ BoogieMan D-Port Header Flanges (1 Pair)


3/8″ 3-Bolt D-port BoogieMan Header Flange (Pair)